Cloud Solutions

Configuring, securing and optimizing the right cloud server infrastructure for your requirements, and securely migrating your new or existing system

Communication Optimization

Deployment of the best-in-class communication tools to supercharge all of your organization’s internal and external communication

Technical Training

Hands-on training sessions for your employees to help them make the best and most efficient use of technology to get their jobs done

Website Development

From blogs and corporate sites to e-commerce and membership platforms, I’ll tailor and deploy the right web solution for your organization’s requirements

Performance Optimization

Utilizing the best tools and services available to improve the operation, speed and efficiency of your organization’s technology infrastructure


Developing an effective Search Engine & Social Media Optimization strategy, and training your resources for ongoing optimization

Systems Security

Analyzing your organization’s technical infrastructure for potential security loopholes and patching them before disaster could strike

Disaster Recovery

Helping you regain access to your website after it has been hacked, and finding and patching the loopholes to avoid future breaches

Backup & Restoration

Setting up a secure, automated, remote backup solution for your organization’s important data, and helping you recover it when needed

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