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Technology Solutions Architect

Who I Am

Haroon Q. Raja

Parallel Entrepreneur

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, HappyCloud
Managing Partner, Ethical Agency
Principal Consultant, HQRaja

Technology Evangelist

Startup mentor, National Incubation Center
Public speaker @ several industry events

Occasional Writer

Published on Mobile Nations, XDA & AddictiveTips

Branding & Design Geek

What I Do

Cloud Solutions

Configuring, securing and optimizing the right cloud server infrastructure for your requirements, and securely migrating your new or existing system

Communication Optimization

Deployment of the best-in-class communication tools to supercharge all of your organization’s internal and external communication

Technical Training

Hands-on training sessions for your employees to help them make the best and most efficient use of technology to get their jobs done

Who I've Helped

What I Share

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