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Haroon Q. Raja

Technology Solutions Architect

I am

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, HappyCloud
Founder & CEO, Swapistan
Founder & Host, The HQ Show

Co-Founder & SVP, PAFLA (Pakistan Freelancers Association)
Part of multiple national IT policymaking initiatives by the Government of Pakistan
Freelancers & Startups Mentor
Public Speaker at major industry events

Marketing Automation Consultant, WP-Tonic
Web & SEO Consultant, Starcom-Mediavest

WordPress Trainer, Extreme Commerce Video Bootcamp
Freelancing Trainer, PAFLA (Pakistan Freelancers Association)

Specialist in performance optimization, security hardening, cloud hosting deployment & scaling, technical SEO & SMO, UX optimization, marketing automation, high-volume email delivery, and building E-Commerce, E-Learning, Event Booking, Podcasting, Mult-vendor Marketplaces, Private Social Networks and other advanced websites

Hyper-passionate about all things aesthetic!

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