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Who I am

Hello! I am Haroon Q. Raja (HQRaja) – a web designer & developer, ICT (Information & Communications Technology) consultant, technology writer, and solutions architect from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Having been working in the tech industry since the late 90’s, I have acquired a repertoire of skills spanning across website & application development, WordPress, server configuration & optimization, user experience design & optimization, project management, technical writing, search engine & social media optimization, and beyond.

What I do

Good technology is something that simply works, getting out of your way and helping you achieve your objectives without distracting your focus from them, and that’s the sort of solutions I strive to build.

Technology Solution Development

From websites to CRM, HRM, PMS and ERP, I’ll tailor and deploy the right technology solution for your organization’s requirements


Developing an effective Search Engine & Social Media Optimization strategy, and training your resources for ongoing optimization

Cloud Solutions Deployment

Configuring and securing the right cloud server infrastructure for your requirements, and securely migrating your new or existing system


Communication Optimization

Deployment of the best-in-class communication tools to supercharge all of your organization’s internal and external communication


Tech Infrastructure Optimization

Utilizing the best tools and services available to improve the operation, speed and efficiency of your organization’s technology infrastructure

Backup & Restoration

Setting up a secure, automated, remote backup solution for your organization’s important data, and helping you recover it when needed

Systems Security

Analyzing your organization’s technical infrastructure for potential security loopholes and patching them before disaster could strike

Disaster Recovery

Helping you regain access to your website after it has been hacked, and finding and patching the loopholes to avoid future breaches

Technical Training

Hands-on training sessions for your employees to help them make the best and most efficient use of technology to get their jobs done

What I’ve done

Throughout my professional career, I have developed and deployed solutions for a range of organizations as a consultant, employee and entrepreneur.



Founded and ran multiple startups in a diverse range of professional services industries from media services to information technology and beyond



Meticulously optimized websites and server software of several sites to achieve perfect or near-perfect scores on major speed and performance tests



Made multi-dimensional optimizations to several websites at infrastructure and content level for achieving high organic search and social rankings



Wrote about technology and covered several product launches and events at publications including Mobile Nations, XDA and AddictiveTips



Configured and hardened SSL/TLS security infrastructure of several websites to achieve a rating of A on the prestigious SSL Labs test



Taught mathematics, statistics, finance and computer science at college and university level, which has helped me refine my own knowledge in the process



Managed and optimized both internal and external communication workflow of organizations including Alta Vista College & Kuch Khaas



Developed modern websites for several organizations (including this one) utilizing the most efficient web technologies to make content management a breeze


Giving Back

Participated in community efforts to give back to open-source projects, getting featured on WordPress Pakistan for participation in contribution events

Visit my portfolio to see some of the public-facing work that I’ve done, including a few websites that I’ve designed and developed, as well as some of the best articles I’ve written on technology.

What I write

Blog coming soon – check back in a day or two.

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