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Haroon Q. Raja

Technology Solutions Architect

FREEBIE: Download technical SEO audit report

I recently wrote my guide on performing a killer technical SEO audit, and the response has been great. Many of you showed interest in taking a look at one of my actionable technical SEO audit reports. Well, today is your lucky day! I’m sharing the report I prepared for a recent client for you to download and use as a reference in your own audit.

While my guide serves as a reference for performing the audit, this report will serve as a reference for presenting the results to your client or your organization’s technical team so that they can implement your recommendations in the most effective manner.

Please note that for the purpose of confidentiality, I’m removing all identifiable information about the client from the report. While I would have loved to make it a case study, all my SEO audits so far have been under NDAs, preventing me from disclosing their information to any third parties.

That said, I’ve only masked identifiable information, while keeping everything else as it originally appeared in the actual report. In the future, I might be publishing a case study for a client audit if there’s enough interest, and if one of my future clients permits me to document and publish it.

Note that the report in PDF format rather than an editable document for a few reasons:

  1. I have made it available primarily as a learning resource, rather than something you can simply use as is.
  2. Its design is heavily reflective of my brand identity, so if you’re auditing a client’s or your organization’s website, you’ll have to design your report with your own branding anyway.
  3. Every website is unique, with its own issues and areas of improvement, affecting different sections of the report.

Feel free to create your own report design while seeking inspiration from mine.

Here you go!

Happy auditing!

Note: Please don’t share the direct download link or the downloaded file with anyone. Instead, refer them to this page so that they can download it on their own.

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